Impressions on the Field-trip to Edo-Tokyo Museum

Lecture 1: Overview of the Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is introduced in terms of historical evolution, architectural facilities, business activities undertaken by the museum, operating policies and implementation systems.

Lecture 2: Collection and management of the information of the Edo-Tokyo Museum

The lecture introduced the classification of the collections of the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the management of the collections, and some measures to protect the exhibits and collections. Protection measures include earthquake measures, pest control measures, etc. Management methods include cleaning works and preservation of the environment.

Lecture 3: Visiting process

In order to better preserve the exhibits, many insect traps were installed in the exhibition area to catch insects without affecting the visitors.For example, after the exhibition board, under the shelf of the exhibit, etc. Managers will periodically check and replace traps.


This was the first time I have entered the area except the exhibition hall in the museum. It was also the first time I had seen an area that visitors cannot enter. It was a very impressive experience. Although I have done museum design in university and I already understood the function of the museum, I have gained a lot of knowledge after actually contacting with the managers who working in the museum. I also have a better understanding of the importance of collection and preservation in a museum. Under the introduction of the management staff, I also learned more about the overall operation of the museum’s collection and preservation work. The need to prevent insect pests in the preservation of data is actually my most surprised part. The measures to capture alien species in the Ogasawara Islands actually appeared in the museum, and they existed around the exhibits where visitors could not see. The preservation of data requires such a strict pH test, which I did not expect. Maybe there are more advanced preservation measures I haven’t seen. Because I didn’t take pictures during the whole process of seeing and learning, I tried my best to record what I saw by drawing pictures.

                                        [Comments by a student K participated in the Prof. Matsui’s practices]